Certificate III in Horticulture

About this course:

Jim’s Training delivers nationally recognized, competency-based training and assessments to provide participants with the skills and expertise required to advance their careers in the gardening/landscaping industry with the Certificate III in Horticulture.


Certificate III in Horticulture is a general horticulture course ideal for persons with an interest in gardens and plants or seeking a successful career within the horticulture industry. We recommend it for franchisee holders of Jim’s Group as well as external domestic students including sole traders, gardeners, landscapers, and home gardeners seeking to develop and expand their skills.

What to expect:

Learn to: 

• Maintain work health and safety processes 

• Identify and provide information on plants and their culture 

• Control weeds 

• Control plant pests, disorders, and diseases 

• Improve soil for gardens and turf 

• Install water features 

• Plan and maintain plant displays 

• Renovate sports turf 

• Protect and maintain trees 

• Perform pruning operations

 • Implement retaining walls 

• Prepare and apply chemicals  and much more 

The course requires successful completion of sixteen (16) units of study: this includes five (5) core units and eleven (11) elective units from a selection of more than fifty (50) options.


Course Availability:

We offer this course via online delivery by our expert Trainers.

Time Frame:

12 months


AHC30716 Certificate III in Horticulture

This Nationally Accredited course is the ideal place to gain the skills and knowledge needed to build a career in the horticulture industry.

Possible career outcomes include (but are not limited to):

• Horticulturist

• Landscaper

• Nursery worker

• Groundskeeper

• Gardens/Parks assistant

Assessment Type:

Assessment Types may include but are not limited to: written assessments, projects and demonstrations.



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